Bed Bugs In Sulphur Springs: Not Just A Problem For Bedrooms


Bed bugs are often found in bedrooms, whether in mattresses, box springs, or even bedsheets. But these tiny insect pests aren’t just a bedroom problem; they can also affect other areas of your home. You must understand how to deal with bed bugs wherever you find them.

To that end, this article will cover some of the important concepts of bed bug control in Sulphur Springs. We’ll talk about how bed bugs often get into homes in the first place, the various areas of your home that they can affect, and how you can identify a bed bug infestation before it gets out of hand. Lastly, we’ll discuss the benefits of professional pest control when dealing with bed bug invasions in the home. Angler’s Pest and Termite Control is here to help you get rid of these pests quickly.

How Bed Bugs Get Inside Sulphur Springs Homes 

Bed bugs can get into places they shouldn’t be, partly due to their climbing skills and ability to ride unseen in bags, boxes, suitcases, clothing, and even secondhand furniture. Bed bugs tend to be in public areas where people spend a lot of time resting, such as hotels, motels, and public transportation. They can follow humans back to their houses from these places by riding along in the items mentioned above. Since bed bugs are tiny and flat when unfed, they can fit into many tight spaces, such as cracks in walls or floors. 

Once they’ve gained access to a home, bed bugs will quickly spread throughout it. Another critical aspect of bed bug control is knowing how bed bugs can affect your home, so let’s talk about it.

Why Bed Bugs Can Affect Couches, Clothing, Furniture, And More 

Bed bugs got their name because you generally find them in a bed. Living in or near a bed gives these pests easy access to their prey and keeps them hidden. Beds aren’t the only place where bed bugs congregate, however. These pests will also take up residence in other areas where humans rest, such as inside couches or other furniture. Bed bugs will even live in clothes or shoes left unattended on the floor for too long. These places provide ample opportunities for these pests to feed and breed. 

Next, let’s review how to spot a bed bug infestation early.

Identifying A Bed Bug Infestation 

Bed bug invasions often go unnoticed for a while, giving the insects more time to establish themselves. However, if you can identify some common signs of their presence, you can give yourself an edge when dealing with them. Here are a few common signs to watch for: 

  • Dark reddish-brown smears or spots on walls, mattresses, or upholstery

  • Molted bed bug skins, which are usually a white color

  • Bed bug eggs, which are also white

  • Bed bug bites, though these resemble other insect bites and aren’t proof on their own 

Keeping an eye out for these signs should help you stay one step ahead of bed bugs in your home. Once you’ve identified an infestation, the best thing to do is to contact a professional pest control company.

Why Active Bed Bug Infestations Need Professional Attention 

Bed bugs are extremely difficult to eliminate, as they multiply and spread at a terrifying rate; this is why it’s best to leave the bed bug treatment process to pest control professionals like our team at Angler’s PTC. We’ve been serving the Sulphur Springs community for years, helping residents get rid of pests for good. We are regarded as one of the area's best bed bug removal services, and we are committed to always providing you with the best possible customer experience. Contact Angler’s PTC today to get your free estimate.

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