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Spiders crawling around your Sulphur Springs property create serious issues, not to mention frighten you every time you encounter one hiding. Fortunately, Angler's Pest and Termite Control is ready to provide you with pest control services in Sulphur Springs that defeats infestations of these pests.

What Types Of Spiders Live In Sulphur Springs?

There are many different types of spiders in Sulphur Springs, ranging from harmless house spiders to more dangerous spiders. Spiders are a species with an impressive diversity, and there are plenty of different sizes, colors, and patterns that you might encounter. However, in our area, you should be keeping an eye out for two of the most problematic spider species - black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders.

Black widow spiders are easily identified by their bulbous bodies, shiny black color, and red hourglass on their abdomen. This spider type typically creates their sticky webs low to the ground and around cluttered areas.

Brown recluse spiders are commonly confused with many other spider types, as they have a generic light brown color and average size. However, you can tell a brown recluse spider apart by the dark brown violin-shaped pattern on its back.

How To Minimize Spider Activity Around Your Sulphur Springs Home

If you want to keep spiders away from your Sulphur Springs home, it’s a good idea to minimize the factors that attract these pests.

We give you some tips below that you can follow to make your property less hospitable to spiders:

  • Clear outdoor areas of long grasses, piles of debris, and wood piles, as clutter and lots of overgrowth provide prime spider hiding spots.

  • Address pest problems with the help of Angler’s PTC to reduce infestations of insects that might be attracting hungry spiders.

  • Reduce moisture issues and leaks around your property that contribute to damp conditions.

  • Seal gaps and cracks around your home’s foundation, windows, and doors, and invest in window and door screens and weatherstripping to fully spider-proof interior areas.

Contact Angler's PTC for more advice on minimizing spider activity around your Sulphur Springs home.

What Should I Do If I've Been Bitten By A Spider?

While the majority of spiders are fairly harmless, bites from spiders can be a serious issue and should be treated with caution. Reactions to spider bites include pain, swelling, and itchiness, though most spider bites will disappear without any long-term issues.

Around Sulphur Springs, black widow and brown recluse spiders are present, and it’s important to treat any bite from these spiders seriously. Black widow spider bites may cause cramps, muscle spasms, sweating, and sickness, while brown recluse bites may cause blisters, open sores, and severe swelling. 

Allergic reactions may also be caused by spider bites, and difficulty breathing or swallowing after any kind of spider bite needs to be treated with immediate medical attention. If you have concerning symptoms from a spider bite, head to the nearest urgent care center or the emergency room.

The Best Strategy For Long-Term Spider Prevention In Sulphur Springs

Get rid of spiders in the long term by contacting Angler’s PTC for reliable spider removal. Investing in professional spider control is the best strategy to defeat infestations of spiders around Sulphur Springs, and we help you ensure that once spiders are gone, they stay gone.

Our licensed technicians work with you to treat your spider control needs and customize treatment plans for your property; we focus our spider removal tactics on exterior areas, defeating these Sulphur Springs pests before they manage to step foot inside.

Contact us today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Sulphur Springs or to request your free estimate.

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